Baroness Hale to be appointed President of the Supreme Court24-Jul-2017

Downing Street have announced that for the first time, a female is to become the UK’s top judge with Baroness Hale set to be appointed President of the Supreme Court.

This marks a progressive step for the UK judiciary which for a long time has faced accusations of being stuck in the past and criticised for having a lack of diversity (including by Baroness Hale herself!).

This appointment marks a step forward in the recognition of family law. Baroness Hale was the first family lawyer to be appointed to the Supreme Court in 2009. Throughout her career which began as a Law Professor at the University of Manchester, Baroness Hale has been renowned for changing the face of family law and was instrumental in key changes such as the Children Act 1989 which protects the rights of families and children. Whilst on the Supreme Court bench, Baroness Hale has continued to fight for social equality and women’s rights, she is revered by her peers for her strong but empathetic approach to decision making.

There is no doubt that a lot of work remains to be done to obtain equal representation on the benches of the UK’s judiciary, however, Baroness Hale’s appointment will be seen as a step in the right direction particularly with a further female Judge Lady Justice Black also being appointed to the Supreme Court bench later this year.

In her position as President, Baroness Hale has vowed to continue the fight for a more diverse and representative judicial system. Cullimore Dutton Solicitors wish Baroness Hale every success in her new role and we look forward to a fully representative Supreme Court in the years to come.