Wills and the Modern World17-Jul-2017

Are we about to see texts, emails and voicemails recognised as valid wills? This is what the Law Commission for England and Wales is considering after reaching the conclusion that the law around wills should be brought into the ‘modern world’.

The commission is considering, in exceptional circumstances, where a person makes their wishes known in an email or text, whether these wishes could subsequently be formalised by a court after the person’s death and treated as a valid will. 

However, with such changes come new dangers. What qualifies as an exceptional circumstance? In such circumstances, might you make rash decisions that you wouldn’t normally make? Are you even well enough to make such decisions? Worse still, who else might have access to your email or text messages? Rather than making it easier, such changes could pave the way for lengthy disputes brought by disgruntled family members.

Yes, the current process is a formal one but that does not make it a difficult one. It just means when carried out correctly, there is less chance of your will being successfully challenged. With the correct advice, making a will is as simple as you want it to be. The most important thing is making the will and not leaving matters to chance.

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