Cullimore Dutton Solicitors support local charities this Christmas11-Dec-2018

We are spreading Christmas joy this festive season with a range of support and sponsorships for Chester-based charities. Firstly, we are delighted to be the official sponsor of one of the most eagerly anticipated and prestigious festive events of the season, the Countess Charity's Christmas Carol Concert at the Duke of Westminster’s Eaton estate. The event, by kind permission of the Duke of Westminster, takes place on Thursday 20 December and includes a carol concert in the pr..

Family Team Pre-Christmas Social05-Dec-2018

It was a delight to welcome friends and associates to our Family Team's Pre-Christmas Social event held in our fabulous boardroom last Thursday (29 November). The feedback we have received has been very positive and much appreciated, some examples are below: "Thanks for the party invite, it was great to meet the Family Team. Tony and I had a great time, hope to see you again soon." Bernice Benton & Tony Elston, ( ..

Inheritance Tax Regime – Office of Tax Simplification Review05-Dec-2018

By Gillian Knowles, Head of Wills, Trusts & Estates The office of tax simplification (OTS) is currently reviewing the UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) regime and has now published the first stage of its review, which focuses on administrative issues, rather than the level of tax itself. As part of the review process the OTS requested feedback from the public and responses from professional bodies. In its findings, the OTS describes IHT as an “almost uniquely unpopular tax” and the level..

#GoodDivorce Week26-Nov-2018

As members of Resolution – First for Family Law, we are proud the support the #GoodDivorce Week campaign. Minimising the impact of conflict on children Conflict can have some serious long-term effects on children. Studies have shown that it’s not the separation or divorce proper that has an impact, but rather the conflict stemming from it that often has a detrimental impact on their well-being. Resolution members are committed to reducing conflict, agreeing to a non-confrontational way ..

Personal Injury Trusts – a quick guide14-Nov-2018

By Philip Appleby , Associate Solicitor, Wills, Trusts & Estates Team One of the more structured ways of ensuring a recipient is able to manage their inheritance properly is to put it into a trust. For larger amounts that are bequeathed to younger recipients, this can be a method of ensuring that the money is distributed in such a way that they don’t fritter it away and that it comes to them at a point in their lives when they most need it (for example, when they go to college or..

Civil partnerships for all07-Nov-2018

By Jackie Rawcliffe, Partner & Head of Family Law Team As has been reported in various media outlets, there is positive change coming for heterosexual couples who do not want to get married – the law is changing to allow such couples to apply for a civil partnership. It has been a while coming, but one of the last areas of inequality in the world of formally recognised partnerships is about to be rectified. The choice to opt for a civil partnership rather than marriage has been clos..

Move My Will24-Oct-2018

It’s so simple to transfer your Will You can also choose to move your Property Deeds to us Transfer if FREE and storage is FREE We know from wide experience that clients appreciate ease of access to their Will and value the advice and guidance that is on hand locally. We know too, that circumstances can often change in the blink of an eye and how invaluable it is to be able to make a Codicil or more significant amendments should clients request this at short notice. Our experienced Wi..

Proposed Reforms to Divorce Law24-Oct-2018

Susan Alexander, Consultant Solicitor in our Family Law team, has this week written to City of Chester MP Chris Matheson, inviting him to attend a Parliamentary Brief Organised by Resolution on the Proposed Reforms to Divorce Law. Susan's letter is below. For more information about our Family Law services, please contact a member of the Family Law team on 01244 356 789 or email ..

Personal Injury Trusts Q&A18-Oct-2018

Phil Appleby (Associate Solicitor & Trust and Estate Practitioner in our Wills, Trusts & Estates Team) answers some frequently asked questions about Personal Injury Trusts: If I receive compensation for a personal injury claim, might it affect my benefits? Yes. If you receive compensation then it may well reduce your entitlement to certain means-tested benefits if it takes the cash you have at your disposal above £6,000. Your means-tested benefits could stop completely if you have..

A quick guide for first time buyers10-Oct-2018

By Lesley Stuart, Partner, Residential Conveyancing Buying a home is stressful, especially for first-time buyers, so it's wise to do some research to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Conveyancing is the term that refers to the legal process of transferring one person's property (the seller), to another (the buyer). What does the process involve? Put simply; this is what conveyancing looks like from start to finish: Get your mortgage sor..

What happens when a parent wants to move away and take the children with them?01-Oct-2018

By Susan Alexander, Consultant Solicitor, Family and Mediation These days more and more people are spending time abroad, whether they’re overseas on business, trying to build a new life in a different country, or just taking a long trip. There are plenty of reasons a parent might want to take their child abroad for an extended period, or even indefinitely. However, if the parents have separated, there's a possibility that this could result in disagreement, especially if one party feel..

Ploughing Match 201827-Sep-2018

We had a great day at this year’s Cheshire Ploughing & Hedgecutting Society Match, held at Woods Tenement Farm, Plumley on Wednesday 26 September. Rachel Phillips and Matt Poulton from our Agricultural Team attended alongside Client Relationship Manager Tim Parker and Marketing Manager Phil Wood. We were delighted to support the event as sponsors of the Vintage Hydraulic Tractor Class. The event programme also featured our advert on its back page. The team spent several hours t..

What is the law regarding things you find on the street?25-Sep-2018

By John Arnold , Partner, Head of Commercial Litigation Finders Keepers? This issue is a common one. What does the law require you to do when you come across something that isn’t yours? For example, a £20 note on the street? Let’s look at the specifics. Finding Money Finders Keepers? Well, no, not always. You might have heard of the Nicole Bailey case; she kept a £20 note she found on the floor and ended up with a criminal record! Up until this incident, the law surrounding ..

Government plans to legislate for no-fault divorce17-Sep-2018

By Susan Alexander , Consultant Solicitor, Family and Mediation As members of Resolution First For Family Law, our family team have been campaigning for many years for the introduction of no-fault divorce. Finally, the Government has listened and announced that it plans to legislate to allow no-fault divorce. Nigel Shepherd, former Chair of Resolution said: “The Government appears to have heeded our calls to make our divorce system fit for the modern age and..

Aretha Franklin died without a Will leaving an $80 million fortune10-Sep-2018

By Gillian Knowles, Head of Wills, Trusts & Estates Reports from the US state that Aretha Franklin died without making a Will leaving an $80 million (£62.4 million) fortune. Despite being ill for several years, Mrs Franklin did not legally record who she wanted to inherit her vast estate. Michigan law dictates that, in these circumstances, the fortune is to be shared between Mrs Franklin’s children equally. The Intestacy Rules do not take in to account the fact that one of the chil..

Challenging Wills06-Sep-2018

By Jessie Hughes, Solicitor, Wills, Trusts & Estates Team Laws in England and Wales, in the main, allow you to leave your estate to whomever you choose. Unlike many countries in Europe, if you fall out with your adult child and wish to ensure that they do not get any of your estate, then you are perfectly at liberty to make a will excluding them. While this freedom of choice is wonderful, it can lead to aggrieved relatives who may wish to contest the validity of your will or ..

Cullimore Dutton Sponsors Chester Rugby Club04-Sep-2018

We are delighted to announce a two-year sponsorship deal to support Chester RUFC, one of the region’s most successful rugby union clubs. Our firm will take advertising boards at the Hare Lane ground this season and next, as well as supporting the Club in the production of a member’s handbook and sponsoring weekly players awards across the Club. This sponsorship further extends our connections with the area’s leading sports clubs, having already sponsored Chester Boughton Hall Cricke..

Denbigh & Flint Show 201828-Aug-2018

We were delighted to attend this year’s Denbigh & Flint Show, held on The Green, Denbigh on Thursday 16 August. Having a long and proud history of supporting the agricultural community, we were pleased to be sponsors of the Young Handlers Classes (Cattle) having sponsored the same Class at last year’s event. Judging for the Young Handlers took place during the morning for several age groups, with both Rachel Phillips and Matt Poulton from our agricultural team presenting the rose..

Looking for new premises for your business? A planning perspective.15-Aug-2018

By Gillian Crump , Partner, Commercial Property Team There are so many aspects to consider when looking for new business premises, but one which must not be forgotten is whether the building has planning permission for your proposed use. Of course, not all buildings have planning permission – some may have been constructed or been put to their current purpose many years before planning legislation was first introduced, even these buildings will have an existing use in planning ter..

What makes relationships last?14-Aug-2018

Susan Alexander was proud to be 1 of 10 Family solicitors to participate in Baroness Shackleton’s recent Relationships Project. Baroness Shackleton – the solicitor who acted for Prince Charles and Paul McCartney on their divorces – funded the study which investigated what makes long term relationships thrive. In addition to interviewing 10 family lawyers and mediators and two judges, it conducted research with a sample of couples married for ten years and with couples in relationships of at le..

Landlords must check they hit the spot with deposits02-Aug-2018

By John Arnold, Partner and Head of Commercial Litigation Claims for incorrectly handled property rental deposits are soaring and landlords should be alert to the danger and ensure they or their agents are complying with the legal requirements, if they want to avoid high penalties. Under the Housing Act 2004, any deposit must be held by the landlord in a registered deposit protection scheme and the tenant must be given specific details of the deposit protection scheme used and det..

'No Fault Divorce' letter to Chris Matheson MP01-Aug-2018

Following on from last week's Supreme Court decision in the Owens vs Owens ( case Susan Alexander, Consultant Solicitor in our Family Law team, has written to City of Chester MP Chris Matheson. As members of the Resolution Campaign we are requesting Mr Matheson's support in calling for the introduction of 'no fault divorce'. Our letter is below. For more information about our Family Law services, please contac..

Safeguarding is vital when appointing others to act30-Jul-2018

By Gillian Knowles, Head of Wills, Trusts & Estates Have you considered who would manage your affairs and make decisions, if you have an illness or accident that leaves you incapable of looking after things yourself? A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) enables you to appoint someone you trust to look after your financial affairs or your health and welfare, with minimum effort, delay and expense. The process of applying has become much simpler since an online system was introduced ..

Nantwich Show 201826-Jul-2018

What a great day we had yesterday at the Nantwich Show 2018. We were proud once again to sponsor the Red Poll Cattle class, a beautiful breed and one which we have now sponsored for several years. The judging took place during the morning for several categories covering Heifers, Bulls and Calves. Rosettes were awarded across the breed, with both Rachel Phillips and Matt Poulton from our Agricultural team making the presentations. Rachel and Matt were joined on the day by Tim Parker, Clien..

Challenging times: what happens when family is cut out of the will24-Jul-2018

By Gillian Knowles Head of Wills, Trusts & Estates High profile inheritance disputes follow celebrities and the super-rich as surely as night follows day, but such challenges are becoming increasingly common, whatever the values involved. Some of the names to have made headlines include the artist Salvador Dali, whose body was exhumed last year for a DNA test after a woman claimed to be his daughter and entitled to a share of his $1bn estate. Former South African President Nels..

Supreme Court rules that cohabiting couple can have a Civil Partnership18-Jul-2018

By Susan Alexander, Consultant Solicitor, Family and Mediation What does this mean? In the future heterosexual couples may have an alternative to getting married or just living together. Currently over 3 million cohabiting couples have no legal protection if they split or if one of them dies. Having a civil partnership does give more rights for example on your partner’s death. The Supreme Court action was launched by Ms Steinfeld and Mr Keidan, who cohabit and have two children..

Croquet and Pimm's 201811-Jul-2018

What a delight it was to welcome our friends from the Commercial and Agricultural Property world to our second Croquet and Pimm's on the Lawn event last Friday (6 July). The sun shone, the Pimm's flowed and the Croquet got competitive as 12 teams battled for the Cullimore Dutton Croquet Trophy won last year by Kenneymoore Property Consultants. After some titanic matches in the group stages, group winners Carter Jonas and Legat Owen competed in the final with Legat Owen ultimately tri..

Agricultural Shows 201810-Jul-2018

We have a long and proud history of supporting the agricultural community through the generations and 2018 will be no different. We are delighted to be sponsoring the Red Poll Cattle Class at this year’s Nantwich Show at The Showground in Nantwich on Wednesday 25 July. We sponsored the same category in 2017 and we look forward to an excellent contest again this year. We will also be attending the Denbigh and Flint Show on Thursday 16 August where we will be be..

Afternoon Tea 201802-Jul-2018

Our Wills, Trusts and Estates team were delighted to welcome over 40 guests for Afternoon Tea on the Lawn last Thursday, 28 June. The event featured a talk on the history of the firm by former partner Randal Hibbert and included anecdotes from Randal's time as Under Sheriff of Cheshire, a role still held by current Cullimore Dutton Director John Arnold. After the talk, afternoon tea was served featuring a wide selection of sandwiches followed by a delightful array of cakes and tarts...

Agents Lunch on the Lawn 201825-Jun-2018

It was wonderful to welcome our local estate agents to Lunch on the Lawn on Thursday 21 June. The weather was glorious and the company was excellent as we christened our brand new marquee at our first event of the year. We have had some positive and much appreciated feedback from many, a sample of which is below: “Thank you for a lovely lunch, and well done with the weather, if I remember correctly, there were some heavy showers last year. It was really good to catch up with t..

LPAs - Avoid gambling with your pension07-Jun-2018

Probate solicitor Jessie Hughes talks about the benefits of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and the risks to your pension of not have an LPA in place. Recent reports in the FT Advisor suggest 4 in every 5 retirees with a ‘drawdown’ pension are without a power of attorney – meaning your family members or friends would be forced to apply to court to take control in the event that you became too unwell to look after your affairs yourself. This is an alarming statistic given that the..

Divorce goes virtual, but complex cases will keep their day in court 24-May-2018

By Diana Williams Partner, Family Law Team A new online service ( should cut the stress of applying for a divorce according to the Ministry of Justice, but family law professionals say it’s likely to benefit only those with simple finances who are pursuing the DIY route. The Ministry of Justice announcement ( of the nationwide scheme for online divorce appl..

Congratulations Alice23-May-2018

Newly qualified solicitor Alice Daniel joins Cullimore Dutton’s Family Law team Alice Daniel, has been admitted to the Roll of Solicitors after completing her training contract here at Cullimore Dutton Solicitors, she has now been formally appointed as an Assistant Solicitor in our Family Law team, headed by renowned divorce lawyer, Jackie Rawcliffe. Alice, who lives in Mold and attended Holywell High School and Mold Alun 6th Form is a former Politics and International Relations grad..

Probate Claims on the Rise: Why you need a Will22-May-2018

By Sarah MacLeod Solicitor, Wills, Trusts & Estates Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of contentious probate matters. You may be aware of several high-profile cases involving celebrities’ estates which have featured in the media. Contentious probate deals with disputes relating to the terms of a person’s Will or the administration of their estate. This can be a consequence of a beneficiary claiming that they did not receive what they had hoped for either u..

Cullimore Dutton seals ground-breaking sponsorship deal with Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club23-Apr-2018

We are delighted to announce that our firm has agreed a ground-breaking two-year sponsorship deal with Chester Boughton Hall CC, one of the region’s most successful cricket clubs. In a first for the Club, we have agreed shirt sponsorship across all teams including the senior men, senior women and junior squads this season. Following our debut appearance on the women’s squad shirts in 2017, we have agreed terms to extend our kit sponsorship to the men’s section – including the..

Proud sponsors of Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club19-Apr-2018

Here at Cullimore Dutton Solicitors we are very proud to be the main Sponsor of Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club for the 2018 season. We appreciate that some Club members may not be aware of who we are, so we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and make you aware of our Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club Loyalty Scheme. We are one of Chester’s oldest law firms – we celebrated our 225th anniversary last year and we specialise in: Agricultural Law &..

Celebrating William Dutton and Tipperary Tim 90 years on12-Apr-2018

As the Grand National Festival gets underway at Aintree we are celebrating our own very special connection with the world’s greatest steeplechase. The 1928 Grand National was the 87th running of the race. Our very own William Dutton, amateur jockey and at the time trainee solicitor Mason Moore Dutton (our forerunners), recorded his most notable success as he won the race on 100/1 shot Tipperary Tim. Before the race, Dutton, heard a friend call out to him: "Billy boy, y..

Spring Conveyancing Offer: £250 Will Voucher27-Mar-2018

£250 Will voucher for new Residential Conveyancing Clients We are delighted to be helping the region’s homebuyers this spring with an exclusive offer for new conveyancing clients as the traditional house hunting season begins in earnest. We are giving home owners and buyers across Cheshire and North Wales a voucher worth £250 towards the cost of a bespoke Will drawn up by our experienced Wills, Trusts & Estates team on instructions received by our Residential Conveyancing team ..

Rachel Phillips Joins Cullimore Dutton Solicitors26-Feb-2018

Rachel Phillips joins as Head of Commercial Property Department We are pleased to announce the appointment of experienced commercial property solicitor, Rachel Phillips, who joins the practice today [Monday 26 February]. A Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association, Rachel will head our busy Commercial Property department. Rachel, who qualified in 2008 after completing her degree at Durham University with a 2:1(Hons) in Law achieved a Distinction in the Legal Practice ..

Your Will in Your City18-Jan-2018

It’s so simple to transfer your Will You can also choose to move your Property Deeds to us Transfer if FREE and storage is FREE Our experienced Wills, Trusts and Estates team understand the challenges faced when deciding to make a Will. A sympathetic ear, expert advice and gentle guidance through the process helps. The Wills, Trusts and Estates team works closely with our in-house independent financial adviser Gary Shield to offer unrivalled expertise in all aspects of estate planni..

Family Mediation Chester20-Dec-2017

Christmas is around the corner and the streets are busy with shoppers and revellers. In the dark days of January, fractured relationships may break down completely. If your clients find themselves in this situation, mediation is an option which works and will help. Our mediation expert, Susan Alexander is a fully qualified family lawyer mediator, accredited by the Family Mediation Council and authorised by the Ministry of Justice to provide Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings ..

Farming and Divorce19-Dec-2017

When farming spouses separate and divorce, complex problems often arise. A simple uncontested divorce may take 6 months or less but farming divorce cases usually take longer. Often farms are inherited, which may mean that the land and farm buildings are not marital assets and therefore not subject to the ‘sharing principle’. On divorce, both spouses and any children must be treated fairly and should expect to have their reasonable needs met wherever possible. However, it is ver..

Christmas gifts that keep on giving12-Dec-2017

Christmas shopping usually means a visit to the high street or browsing online retailers, but the season of giving can be a good time to make sure you’re maximising your opportunities for inheritance tax reliefs, whether to family, friends or charity, while spreading some seasonal cheer. While larger gifts may be taken into account, anyone can make smaller gifts or gifts out of surplus income without it being taken into account for inheritance tax purposes, as long as certain r..

Celebrating 225 Years Brochure11-Dec-2017

Welcome to our Celebrating 225 Years brochure – a review of 2017, a landmark year in the history of Cullimore Dutton when we marked an extraordinary 225 years of legal practice. Simply click on the preview below to view the document in full screen mode. We hope you enjoy it. As the holiday season approaches, may we also take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and every success in 2018. As ever, if there is any matter on which you, your family, friends or business req..

The myth of the common law marriage29-Nov-2017

Cohabitation is the lifestyle of choice for many couples these days as the marriage rate continues to decrease and more children are being born outside marriage. There is a common misconception that cohabiting couples and their children have similar protections to married couples but in England and Wales this is false and there are many pitfalls for the unwary. Cohabiting couples simply do not have the protections available to married couples. It is important to take expert legal advice. ..

Resolution Brexit Briefing23-Oct-2017

As active members of Resolution we would like to share with you the latest Resolution Brexit Briefing. If you require any advice or support in any area of Family Law, please call 01244 356 789 to speak with one of our expert family lawyers. Welcome to the latest edition of our Brexit briefings, where we look at the impact on family law as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. We’ve been clear from the start that Resolution feels that, whatever the drawbacks of the c..

Avoid septic tanks blockages when it comes to selling12-Oct-2017

Warning to Rural Property Owners – Their Septic Tank May Block Sale This year’s housing market has been characterised by slumping prices and sluggish sales in many areas, posing a challenge to would-be sellers in Cheshire looking to move on. According to our property law expert, Lesley Stuart, for those who are not connected to mains drainage - an issue in rural Cheshire and North Wales - there’s an added challenge, with many homeowners unaware of stricter rules regarding septi..

Networking on the Lawn06-Sep-2017

Cullimore Dutton Solicitors were delighted to host a networking evening in partnership with Natwest Bank on Tuesday 5 September 2017. The event held on the legendary lawn at our White Friars offices attracted 40 plus attendees from various sectors across the region and featured a presentation from local entrepreneur and business consultant Nick Hodson. Andrew Wright, Managing Director of Cullimore Dutton commented: "We would like to thank all those who attended our Networking on the ..

Anglesey and Denbigh & Flint Shows30-Aug-2017

We were delighted to have representatives at both the Anglesey and Denbigh & Flint shows this August. The Anglesey County Show (15-16 August) was attended by Tania McGee and Matthew Poulton from our Commercial Property Team alongside Alice Daniel from our Wills, Trusts & Estates Team. As part of the show Cullimore Dutton were proud sponsors of the Dairy Cattle Class. Rosettes were awarded with both Tania and Matthew making the presentations. Our overall winner was a ..

Nantwich Show 201727-Jul-2017

A great day was had by all yesterday as we made our annual pilgrimage to the Nantwich Show. Attended by Tania McGee and Matt Poulton from our Commercial Property team alongside Jackie Rawcliffe and Tim Parker from our Family and Residential Conveyancing teams respectively. Marketing Manager Phil Wood was also on hand snapping away on the camera and keeping our Twitter feed well fed. As part of the show Cullimore Dutton were proud to sponsor the Red Poll Cattle class, several fine bea..

Croquet and Pimm's on the Lawn25-Jul-2017

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Croquet and Pimm's on the Lawn event on Friday 7 July. We hope you had a great afternoon and have a new found love for the sport of croquet. We have had some positive and much appreciated feedback from many, a sample of which is below: “Thank you from myself, Howard and Kathryn for a cracking event last Friday and for the obvious effort that you put in to make it a great success. Of course, the fact that we won was even sweeter! Here’..

Baroness Hale to be appointed President of the Supreme Court24-Jul-2017

Downing Street have announced that for the first time, a female is to become the UK’s top judge with Baroness Hale set to be appointed President of the Supreme Court. This marks a progressive step for the UK judiciary which for a long time has faced accusations of being stuck in the past and criticised for having a lack of diversity (including by Baroness Hale herself!). This appointment marks a step forward in the recognition of family law. Baroness Hale was the first ..

Wimbledon men's semi-finals day24-Jul-2017

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Family Team's event on Wimbledon men's semi-finals day. We hope you had a great afternoon. Please enjoy our photos from the event (below) and we look forward to catching up with you again soon.


Wills and the Modern World17-Jul-2017

Are we about to see texts, emails and voicemails recognised as valid wills? This is what the Law Commission for England and Wales is considering after reaching the conclusion that the law around wills should be brought into the ‘modern world’. The commission is considering, in exceptional circumstances, where a person makes their wishes known in an email or text, whether these wishes could subsequently be formalised by a court after the person’s death and treated as a valid will. ..

Cullimore Dutton Solicitors Celebrates 225th Anniversary26-Jun-2017

As one of Chester’s oldest family law firms, we will mark an extraordinary 225 years of legal practice by holding a series of special anniversary events and sponsorships over the summer. Partner and commercial litigator, John Arnold, said: “Over the course of more than two centuries this law firm has delivered expert legal advice to some of the region’s leading companies, individuals and organisations. As you would expect of a family solicitors practice with such a long and illu..

Celebrating 225 Years19-Jun-2017

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate 225 years of legal practice at White Friars, we hope you had a great evening. Many of you have been in touch to pass on your thanks, a sample of which is below: "A brief note to thank you all for your hospitality at Thursday’s splendid celebration. We did so enjoy meeting you all and especially many of you for the first time where you had previously been a voice on the phone or a signature at the foot of a letter. This note would ..

Lunch on the Lawn12-Jun-2017

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Lunch on the Lawn on Thursday 8 June. We hope you had a great afternoon despite the inclement weather. We have had some positive and much appreciated feedback from many, a sample of which is below: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for hosting and inviting me to Lunch on the Lawn on Thursday. It was great fun and really nice to meet all of the Conveyancing Team. It was a shame about the weather but lovely to see so many people att..

Cullimore Dutton Quiz Night24-May-2017

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Cullimore Dutton Quiz Night at Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club and congratulations to Yates & Co for winning the top prize. We hope you had an great evening, please enjoy our photos from the event (below) and we look forward to catching up with you again in the near future.


Cullimore Dutton Signs Women’s Cricket Sponsorship Deal08-May-2017

Cullimore Dutton Solicitors has agreed a two-year sponsorship deal to support women’s and girls’ cricket development at Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club. Cheshire’s most successful women’s team last season, Chester Boughton Hall Ladies completed the league and cup double by topping the Cheshire County Cricket Women’s League and securing the women’s T20 divisional knockout trophy. The local women's club of rising England women’s cricket star all-rounder, Sophie Eccleston, ..

Scrapping of Probate Fees21-Apr-2017

On arrival at work this morning, after having spent the past few weeks working diligently to avoid a substantial increase in probate court fees for our clients, our Wills, Trusts and Estates department were pleased to learn that, for the time being, the government have decided to scrap the introduction of a sharp increase in probate fees which were due to be implemented in just over a weeks time, at the start of May 2017. The new fee scheme meant that when personal representatives ..

Partner Presents Award10-Apr-2017

Lesley Stuart, Partner and Cullimore Dutton’s Head of Conveyancing presented an award at the University of Law’s annual Prize Giving Ceremony on Friday 7 April. Recent graduate Hollie Aspinall was the recipient of the award as the student who attained the highest mark in the LPC Private Client examination jointly with Melissa Quayle. LPC student Dominic Riley was also recognised by Cullimore Dutton for attaining the highest score in the Family Law examination. Lesley stated, “As an organ..

We like Hoole06-Mar-2017

…we like Hoole a lot. We like Hoole so much we have a special March offer for our Hoole clients, old and new. Simply instruct us on the conveyance of your property or contact us to create or review your Will during March and we will donate five per cent of our fees to a Hoole based charity or community project. You can even suggest which charity or project you would like us to support. To qualify all you need is a current Hoole postcode or for conveyancing clients, b..

Property Rights for Cohabitants30-Jan-2017

As long ago as July 2007, The Law Commission published its report Cohabitation: the Financial Consequences of Relationship Breakdown. The report recommended developing a legal framework creating and dealing with the property rights of cohabiting partners if their relationship broke down. Ten years on the Government is still considering the proposals. In Scotland the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 gives rights to unmarried couples if their relationship breaks down. These are not exa..

Cullimore Dutton Appoints Trainee Solicitors22-Dec-2016

Double promotion confirmed as part of our strategy for growth. Cullimore Dutton Solicitors, has appointed two Trainee Solicitors as we continue to strengthen our Private Client and Commercial Property teams. Alice Daniels, a former Politics and International Relations graduate from Loughborough University and Ross Alexander, an Accountancy and Finance graduate from Lancaster University, have both completed their Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course ..

Cullimore Dutton Solicitors Sponsor Frodsham JFC's Under 11s Squad28-Nov-2016

Frodsham Junior Football Club's U11s Town team is sporting a smart new strip for the 2016-17 season courtesy of brand new sponsors, Cullimore Dutton Solicitors. Cullimore Dutton has a long and happy association with Frodsham JFC, its Managing Director was himself a club player in his youth and is currently a coach with the club. "We are delighted to sponsor the Town Under 11s squad," said MD Andrew Wright. "With a heritage stretching back over 200 years, Culli..

State Pension Increases and Forecast22-Nov-2016

In 2011. the government introduced a guarantee that the State pension will increase each year by whichever is the highest of three measures – increases in average earnings, the rate of inflation, and 2.5% – the so-called ‘triple lock’. However, in the government’s currently straitened financial circumstances, this is seen no longer to be affordable, and it is likely to be replaced. An influential committee of MPs has called on the government to scrap the triple lock ..

Cullimore Duttons's Own Masterchef!02-Nov-2016

MASTERCHEF IN AID OF CLAIRE HOUSE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE HELD AT CHEZ JULES ON FRIDAY 28TH OCTOBER 2016 Masterchef Rhodri Roberts, sponsored by Cullimore Dutton Solicitors Ltd Chester competed in this event at Chez Jules on Friday night winning the dessert category for his Tarte au Chocolat avec crème de Chantilly. Four amateur chefs competed in the competition held in aid of Claire House Children’s Hospice and hosted by Cheshire Resolution and the Cheshire Collaborative Fa..

Cullimore Dutton and West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce07-Oct-2016

We are pleased to support the WCNW Chamber’s next event, the Annual Ball on 14th October, by providing their main raffle prize of a Luxury hamper. Proceeds of the raffle are going toward the Hand on Heart charity, whose goal is to prevent the death by cardiac arrest in young children. Good luck to everyone taking part! ..

Trip to Chester Story House22-Sep-2016

On Thursday 22nd September Lesley, Tim, Simon and Sarah Davies were privileged to be able to have a tour round the new theatre complex in Chester to be known as Story House. The project is still very much a building site but the works are now nearing completion and the official opening is scheduled for Spring 2017. Development is far bigger than any of us expected and will house not only a magnificent ultra modern theatre but also cinema, library, function rooms, bars and rest..

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