Christmas is around the corner and the streets are busy with shoppers and revellers. In the dark days of January, fractured relationships may break down completely. If your clients find themselves in this situation, mediation is an option which works and will help.

Our mediation expert, Susan Alexander is a fully qualified family lawyer mediator, accredited by the Family Mediation Council and authorised by the Ministry of Justice to provide Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs). She is trained in Direct Consultation with Children.

Mediation News

The board of the Family Mediation Council has examined a proposal for mediators to assist clients in the preparation of consent orders following a successful mediation. Consultations have taken place with the Ministry of Justice, Association of District Judges and Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division. The Family Mediation Council intends to report on this by early 2018.

To start the process, download and complete the referral form below and email it to me at

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