Collaborative Family Law Process

How does it work?

  • Both you and your partner work with your own trained Collaborative Lawyer. You each receive legal advice and guidance and then both of you, together with your lawyers, discuss and resolve issues through a series of Meetings;
  • The process can include the help of other professionals, where necessary, including counsellors, financial specialists and other experts to help you reach agreement;
  • The process can be faster and is less acrimonious than Court proceedings. It is about establishing communication and achieving a fair solution.

What are the advantages of the Collaborative Process?

  • You retain control of the pace of the process and the agenda, reassured in the knowledge that your lawyer is at your side throughout the negotiations;
  • Settlement is reached in a series of open face to face meetings;
  • All information and financial disclosure is provided openly within the Collaborative Process so negotiations can be honest and frank;
  • Minutes of the meetings are prepared and agreed after each session. This avoids correspondence between lawyers and avoids delay;
  • Channels of communication are established between you and your partner, which last into the future. This enables you to co-operate as parents after divorce or separation;
  • You are involved at all stages in the negotiations;
  • The Collaborative practice avoids the uncertainties of the court based system.

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